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Die Grinder - Stiftslijper
Grinders - slijpmachines
Angle & vertical grinders - Haakse & verticale slijpers

Mixers (ATEX)


Drills & Hammer Drills (ATEX)

Drills - Boormachines
Drills & hammer drills - Boormachines & boorhamer
Hammer drills SDS-Plus - Boorhamers SDS-Plus
Hammer drills SDS-Max - Boorhamers SDS-Max

Underwater tools

Underwater tools - Onderwatergereedschap

Fans (ATEX)

Axial fans & air movers - Ventilatoren

coredrills (ATEX)

Core drills - Kernboren
Core drills accessories - Kernboren accessoires

Magnetic core drills (ATEX)

Pneumatic magnetic core drills - Pneumatische magnetische kernboren
Hydraulic magnetic core drills - Hydraulische magnetische kernboren
Magnetic core drills accessories - Magnetische kernboren accessoires

Saws (ATEX)

Sabre saws - Reciprozagen
Band saws - Bandzagen
Pneumatic chain saws - Pneumatische kettingzagen
Hydraulic chain saw - Hydraulische kettingzagen
Circular saws - Cirkelzagen
Reciprocating saws & accessories - Steekzagen & accessoires
Band saw with clamp - Bandzaag met klem

Pipe cutting machines (ATEX)

Pipe cutting machines - Pijpafkortingmachine

Impact wrenches (ATEX)

Impact wrenches - Slagmoersleutels

Cengar (ATEX)


CAP Hydraulic

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