Using RUST™ ATEX grinding tools you will achieve the best preparation grade faster than any other mechanical tools in the marked. RUST™ is a cold work grinding tool for surface and mechanical treatment in explosive atmospheres and hazardous work environment.

RUST™ is ideal for removing rust, coating (paint, silicone, rubber, chartek etc.), scale, salt and other contaminations on the surface. You can also grind away welding seams and weld spatter. RUST™ prepare the surface for long lasting coating solutions. The tools is easy and safe to operate.


  • Including an angle grinder and a straight die grinder
  • No hot sparks
  • Little to no dust formation
  • ATEX 2014/34
  • Ex II 2 G c IIA T3

RUST ATEX Tool Kit A Sparkless pneumatic angle grinder and straight die grinder

Kit Contains


Pneumatic Angle Grinder


Pneumatic Straight Die Grinder



Grinding Disc

Ø100 mm

Tungsten Rotary Burr Cylindrical


Ø19 mm

Tungsten Rotary Burr Flat

Ø19 mm

Tungsten Rotary Burr Conical, big


Ø19 mm

Tungsten Rotary Burr Conical, small


Ø10 mm

Nut For Grinding Disc


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